Krampus Is Coming: Stiffen Your Stocking With These Other Christmas Fright Films

Let slay bells ring with our naughty list of holiday horror movies.

Krampus, the central figure of the new big-screen horror movie titled, yes, Krampus, is an age-old fixture of Christmastime folklore in Northern Europe.

For centuries, the hairy-bodied, horn-headed, long-tongued Krampus has been as familiar to Swiss, German, and Austrian children as the season’s main superstar, Saint Nicholas. In fact, Krampus and Santa Claus kind of work as a team.

See, whereas jolly old St. Nick rewards kids on his “nice” list with presents, Krampus doles out not-so-jolly Yuletide justice to boys and girls classified as “naughty.”

Given such a fright-film-friendly set up, it’s kind of surprising that it took this long for a proper, mainstream Krampus movie to get made. After all, scare flicks always pull in fear fans, and Christmas fare, regardless of any initial box office, tends to run forever on TV (just check this month’s cable schedule).

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