Kris Jenner Says Scott Disick Deserves “Another Chance” But We Don’t Know About That

Will he finally cut the crap for good?

Are you really that surprised?

Us Weekly reports Scott Disick was spotted filming a scene for Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Thursday with Caitlyn Jenner. This comes after news Scott reunited with ex Kourtney Kardashian following a successful stint in rehab for substance abuse. (If you remember, Scott partied haaaard this summer and even cheated on KourtKourt with his ex-girlfriend while vacationing in France.)

Kris more or less confirmed things are somehow cool with Scott now during a recent interview with Maria Menounos. She called Scott one of the “loves of her life” and offered this tidbit on his status in the Kardashian group: “Everybody deserves another chance, and Kourtney just wants the best for her and her kids. So I think it’s just a wait and see what happens to the two of them. So all a mom can do is pray. I do a lot of praying these days.”

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Forgive me if we’re a little (read: very) skeptical of Lord Disick at this point. There seems to be a continuous saga between Scott and Kourtney. One second, they’re happy. The next, Scott does something stupid–like criticize Kourtney’s weight, give her crap for breast-pumping or stuff dollar bills in a waiter’s mouth–and Kourt gets pissed. Then, Scott somehow weasels his way back into the fam only to continue the same shenanigans again. This isn’t just a second chance. We’re not even sure how many chances it would be at this point, but it’s far past, “Three strikes and you’re out.”

And we’re forgetting something pretty monumental here. This isn’t just Scott’s routine drunken debauchery. He cheated on Kourtney, the woman who gave birth to his three children. It was only two months ago he was spotted out and about with a model who was literally Kylie Jenner’s age. Are we supposed to believe in the past 30+ days, Scott had some sort of moral epiphany that will make this the last time he screws up? Will he finally cut the crap for good?

We suppose the only way to find out the answer is to give Scott another go, but we’re silently shaking our heads. Granted, this doesn’t mean Kourtney and Scott are back together–this simply means he’s back in the family’s good graces.

But if he does screw up again–even a minor offense–kick him to the curb, dolls. It will prove a leopard really can’t change his stripes.

Do you think Scott deserves the benefit of the doubt again? Let us know.