Christian Bale Mistakenly Thought Co-star Teresa Palmer Was An Actual Stripper, But It’s Not Entirely His Fault

Blame the director.

Cristian Bale revealed during an interview with Evening Standard that while on set shooting Knight of Cups he accidentally mistook his co-star Teresa Palmer for an actual stripper while shooting a scene. She must have serious moves.

He reveals, “We were filming in a strip club, and Teresa Palmer’s there in her little silver hotpants and I’m asking her how long she’d been dancing for? Does she enjoy it? What got her into it? I had no idea that she was an actress until about a week after working with her. Suddenly I saw a billboard with her face on it and I went ‘What?'”

Before you start hating on Bale, you must known it isn’t entirely his fault. Director Terrence Malick’s directing style was pretty abstract (to say the least). Instead of giving the Bale a copy of the strip, Malick would just drop the star into different scenes and have him interact with whoever was on set. Apparently, the other actors knew what was going down, but he didn’t. “Everyone else always got more material than I did. Terry called it ‘torpedoing’,” Bale explained. “I never got any pages at all. I would just arrive and he would say, ‘Deal with it and see what happens’.”

So you can’t blame him for thinking his co-star who’s playing a stripper to be an actual stripper. If anything it’s a compliment to Palmer’s acting skills.