Love & Redemption: Ray J Says Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Changed His Life

"That was the old me..."

This morning on Power 105.1′ s The Breakfast Club, Ray J and Princess Love stopped by to speak relationships, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, and future projects. Ray J has always had a “don’t give a f–k” attitude, but you can say goodbye to that man, he’s changed and has Love & Hip Hop Hollywood to thank for that. Seeing himself act a fool on the show has done him good because according to Ray, he hasn’t had a drink in about 5 months. He speaks on regrets he’s had with how he handled things with Teairra and his engagement to Princess Love. “If I love you, I’m going to want to forgive you, I’m going to try” Princess says in explaining why she stayed with Ray after pushing her in the pool and her getting arrested among other things. (He apologized for “nudging her” into the pool.)

Happy that he’s changed for the better but from his Money Team twitter rants to his Kardashian crucifixion, the turnt up Ray would be greatly missed. See the hilarious interview below.

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