And the Oscar for Best Dab Dance Goes to Tom Hanks

"Yo pops, hit that dab."

Tom Hanks is a true chameleon. He can play anything from Walt Disney (Saving Mr. Banks) to a toy sheriff and Forrest effing Gump. But what is his most daring, provocative and industry-defining performance? That would be his shocking-but-satisfying turn as a dab dancer. Yes, you read that correctly. Tom Hanks can (and did) do the dab. And he slayed harder than all (dab)blers who came before him.

We don’t know why this happened, but we’re so glad it did. In the video below, Tom’s 25-year-old son Chet cheekily asks his father, “Yo pops, hit that dab like I told you.” Without missing a beat, Tom throws his hands in the air and flips his head with so much swag, it’s nauseating–in the best way possible.

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