Exclusive Pics from Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice Are the Only Gifts You Need This Year

Which is why we love them.

By now, you have every Nicholas Sparks movie trope memorized. They’re what make you fall in love with these stories harder than Noah hammering at his house for Allie, and if they were no longer included in the romance king’s flicks, you’d be straight up devastated. Sparks’ The Choice is the latest creation headed to the big screen, and tells the story of a love triangle (ding ding ding!!!) between Gabby (Teresa Palmer, Warm Bodies), Ryan (Tom Welling, Smallville) and Travis (Benjamin Walker, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) in (YUP) a small, coastal town with that North Carolina charm, honey.

Before you die-hard NS fans get your panties in a bunch wondering whether or not your favorite NS-isms were included in this film, we have a few exclusive pics to scratch that itch before it premieres February 5th.

  • Here is hunk #1 Travis with Monica (Alexandra Daddario, True Detective).


    At a carnival, giving us hardcore Notebook vibes. #NeverEVERForget.

  • And his little sister Stephanie (Maggie Grace, Taken).


    The beloved, token family member and voice of reason is an obvious must.

  • The awkward meeting of lovers, who are all incredibly, incredibly good looking.


    Almost every NS leading lady loves herself some loose, blonde waves with a middle part, a plaid shirt and a tall, dark tree of a man to climb. (A little bit of Dear John realness happening here, am I right?)

Watch the trailer now and get your NS on some more.

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