Elle King Struggling to Pop Celebratory Champagne for Her First Grammy Nom Is Literally All of Us

It's hard out here for a Grammy nominee.

You haven’t been able to get the infectious “Ex’s & Oh’s” out of your head for weeks, and you like it that way. Good thing is, you’re not the only one. The big dogs behind the Grammys are recognizing VH1 Big In 15 With Entertainment Weekly performer Elle King by nominating her for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song. The star took to Twitter with a gracious and humble “Thank You” followed by the popping of bottles, obviously.

For Elle, earning a Grammy nom ain’t no thang, but the struggle of popping champagne is real.

Watch Elle perform her hit at Big In 15 tonight at 9/8c, and since we’re in a celebratory mood, here’s a digital-only look at her cover of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix).”

Congrats, lady!

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