Here’s Everything The Grammys Got Wrong (And Right) With This Years Nominations

Where the hell is "Hotline Bling"?!

-by Michael Arceneaux

As excited as I am for Kendrick Lamar and select nominees for the 2016 Grammy Awards, I don’t trust its major voting bloc – old, white men – to truly get it right. Need proof? How about last year’s choice to not award Beyoncé Album of the Year for her groundbreaking and very much excellent self-titled album. Or you know, most years the show is aired. To that end, I opt now to relish in the Compton-bred emcee netting a historic 11 nominations – including those in major categories like Album of the Year and Song of the Year. That many nods makes Kendrick Lamar the most nominated rapper for any Grammy year and second overall to Michael Jackson, who once netted 12 nods in a single year.

Let us rejoice now as it can only go down from here.

Meanwhile, here is a run down of what I think this year’s Grammys got right and wrong.

Some people are complaining about Madonna and Prince not getting nominated for their most recent albums.

I don’t know why, though, but God bless them.

Was “Hotline Bling” snubbed?

This is actually a travesty of the highest order. However, before we get mad at the show, this is Drake’s fault. Complex spoke to Bill Freimuth, head of the Grammys, about the perceived snub. “It turns out that ’Hotline Bling’ was never entered into our process by the label,” Freimuth said. “That song came out, and it took a long time for it to build into the hit that it became. I think our members just didn’t foresee the incredible success that that song has had, and they focused instead on his other work. Any one of our members can enter anything so long as it’s eligible, and ’Hotline Bling’ was certainly eligible.”

So it’s your fault, Aubrey.

D’Angelo netted a “Record of the Year” nod.

Full disclosure: I forgot Black Messiah ever happened and proceeded to go back to D’Angelo’s first two studio albums and live EP. However, “Really Love” is a really nice song despite one barely understanding what in the hell he’s saying. It’s great for soul music to be recognized to that level. That said, I want The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” to win.

“7/11” was robbed.

A little disappointed that “7/11” wasn’t nominated for Best Song You’ve Ever Been Blessed With, Bitch, but it’s okay. It’s that in my heart. I am somewhat furious that “Feeling Myself” didn’t score a nod. I find that unforgivable.

The Internet gets their due.

The Internet’s Ego Death is by far one of my favorite releases this year, so I am overjoyed to see that they scored got a nod for “Best Urban Contemporary Album.” If you don’t know what in the hell that category means, I totally understand. It’s a stupid name but it loosely translates into “What The Blacks Putting Out Music These Days Are Up To Now.”

No love for the Love & Hip Hop artists.

K. Michelle’s album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, is phenomenal and deserved some recognition. And if you’ve noticed, Omarion is none too pleased over “Post To Be” being overlooked. I saw that he compared himself to Jesus on Twitter. I am nothing else to add here.


I’m very upset about this. Oh, and some people are very vexed about Lana Del Rey only receiving one nomination. That’s my business, but you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Go Jazmine Sullivan, go!

I’m almost certain that The Weeknd will get all of the awards she’s up for, but Reality Show is a strong album and “Let It Burn” is such an excellent song. I want more attention paid to Jazmine Sullivan.

The rap categories this year don’t totally suck.

I don’t know why Kanye West’s “All Day” got nominated and I am amused that Drake’s diss track “Back to Black” scored one, too, but overall, I did not look at the rap categories and think, “What the hell is wrong with these old, white folks?” I’m going to give a little credit where it’s due. Be clear that it’s little, but you know, they tried. I anticipate Kendrick Lamar will win most of these awards to make up for them not giving him any of the majors. I also expect Taylor Swift to shout out Kendrick Lamar on stage and be 2016’s Macklemore.

Taylor Swift will be the night’s biggest winner.

Prepare yourselves accordingly. The Weeknd will probably do really well, too.