Channing Tatum Insulting a Kitten Is the Meanest and Cutest Thing Ever

"You smell like garbage and fish, bro."

Channing Tatum is one of Earth’s greatest creations. Yes, he’s hot as hell, but Sir Tatum is also so gosh darn nice. However, even a face as sweet as Channing’s isn’t immune to a little biting behavior. Case in point: His latest stunt on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night.

Channing didn’t actually stop by Jimmy Kimmel’s studio, but he did make a pre-taped video promoting his flick The Hateful Eight. What exactly did Channing do, you ask? Say eight hateful things…to a kitten. And it is literally the meanest (and cutest) thing ever.

Mean, because Channing is hurling insults like, “You smell like garbage and fish, bro!” to a cuddly feline. Cute because–look at the kitty’s face! And Channing’s chiseled jaw! I just want to squeeze both of them close to me.

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