Um, Why the Hell Did a Walking Dead Fan Bite Norman Reedus?

This girl knows she's not a real zombie, right?

I don’t even know how to process this right now.

A Walking Dead fan got a little too excited at a recent Walker Stalker event and did the unthinkable to Norman Reedus (Daryl): She bit him. This is not a drill.

E! Online reports Biting Stan (our nickname for her) snapped a photo with Norman and his co-star Michael Rooker at the event, but then took her relationship with Sir Reedus to the next level. Shortly after the pic, Biting Stan lived up to her name and nibbled Norman’s chest. Biting Stan is aware she’s not an actual zombie, right? Just checking.

The police quickly intervened, removed Biting Stan from the premises and subsequently banned her from all Walker Stalker shindigs where Norman is scheduled to appear. So much for that bite turning into a kiss, am I right?!

But Biting Stan seems remorseful, which is good. Yahoo! grabbed a shot of her lengthy Instagram apology to Norman. “It wasn’t my intention to hurt him,” she wrote. “I’m sorry Norman!”

Norman isn’t pressing charges, but he still is freaked out by the incident–well, according to his Instagram. Look at the shady/iconic thing he posted:

What did Biting Stan hope would come from sinking her teeth into Norman’s chest? They’d fall in love and get married? Somehow transport to a mythical universe where they live happily ever after as zombies? Make out? Who knows, but this entire ordeal says a lot about how we view celebrities. They’re not toys for us to play with–or bite. They’re humans with probably very tender skin. Be gentle. And leave your teeth for half-priced appetizers at Applebee’s!