#ElderlyChristmasSongs Will Make You Laugh and Then Hate Yourself

Is Twitter's latest hashtag hysterically funny or painfully offensive?

Another day, another ridiculous Twitter hashtag.

#ElderlyChristmasSongs is currently trending in the Twitterverse, and it means exactly what you probably think it means. People are taking popular Christmas songs and renaming them after elderly people struggles. For instance, “Away in a Manger” becomes “Away in the Retirement Home”–because, ya know, sometimes old people are put in assisted living facilities.

Yes, some of these will make you chuckle. I admit I found myself snickering at a few of them. However, I immediately hated myself afterwards. These tweets may seem funny to an able-bodied 30-year-old, but I guarantee a 72-year-old isn’t laughing. The Internet is essentially poking fun at real problems people over a certain age sometimes have. Is it all in good fun or painfully offensive? Some may see it as innocent, but others view it as ableism at its very worst.

Take a look at 15 of these tweets, and let us know where you stand in the comments below.