Was it Immature of Selena Gomez to Shade Justin Bieber on Instagram?

Too late now to say sorry.

Trying to keep up with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber is like trying to reason with Raven Symone. Exhausting, morally degrading and a waste of everyone’s time. That said, I’m a fan of each. Up until now, I’ve been mildly obsessed with Selena and I have to say, the Biebs is making his way up in my book. I love Purpose and literally broke my bra strap dancing to “Sorry” in the car. (To the innocent drivers and bystanders in LA: I am sorry.) The two as a pair, though, haven’t been on my radar. That is, until Selena made a sneaky, sneaky comment on Instagram last night that caught my attention.

Amidst her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performance and backstage McDonald’s bliss last night, Selena decided to chime in to fan @disneylandgomez’s post, asking if they should purchase Purpose or One Direction’s Made in the AM. Not once. But twice.
Damn, girl. Dissed the Biebs and then dissed him again 12 minutes later? In caps? Once wasn’t enough? I think this is the most roundabout, subtle reinvention of shade I’ve ever seen and I found myself looking at that screenshot over and over like a giddy kid on Christmas.

Now you may be thinking to yourself: girl, no. It’s been how long since you two were an item? Plus it seems a little harsh considering the Bieberator poured his heart and soul into his new project (literally blew up my Insta feed for two months straight) and 99.9% of the songs are probably about his ex-bae. Just move on without getting caught up in the petty BS of social media, and on a random fan account nonetheless.

I’d understand where you’d be coming from if you thought her comments were unnecessary and/or immature, but let me remind you: nah. This is the land of the free, and if Selena has unresolved feelings about her ex, who seemed to have put her through hell, she can comment up a storm for all I care. In fact, I encourage her to. It gives me life. I mean, maybe she is a low-key aggressive OD fan. But I’d prefer to think she’s the unexpected, sneaky Shade Queen we’re witnessing here. And trust me, if Selena was usually as tacky as Lindsay Lohan at a court appearance, I probably wouldn’t be feeling this gesture of hers. But she always carries herself with confidence, grace and class, and if she wants to stick it to her ex, she shouldn’t give a f–k who knows it.

What a badass biotch.


I’m so alive right now.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.