Method Man Has Nothing But Kind Words for The Breaks Co-Star Mack Wilds

"I don't think anybody else could have played Michael Lee better," he says.

Mack Wilds and Method Man go way back—like, all the way back.

The Wu-Tang Clan member recalls a time when Mack was still known as “Little Paul” in a new interview for VH1’s upcoming original movie The Breaks.

“His father used to cut my hair,” Method Man says of Mack. “[Mack] would be in the barber shop with his books all the time. Smart dude right here.” Smart, talented and hot? You slay us, Mack.

Method Man’s praises of the young actor-rapper didn’t stop there: “I’m a fan of his work,” Method Man says. “I don’t think anybody else could have played Michael Lee better.” (Side note: Michael Lee is the character Mack played on The Wire from 2006 to 2008.)

Method Man and Mack, you are seriously tew much. Stop it, already! No, really. Stop before our hearts burst.

The Breaks airs on Monday, January 4 at 9 p.m. Get to know the cast here and watch Method Man and Mack’s interview below.

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