Amy Poehler Is Terrified of the Most Random Pop Star

Find out who!

What a strange fear!

Amy Poehler stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night and was as perfect and hilarious as ever. Host Jimmy Fallon decided to put Amy’s ~*honesty*~ skills to the test in a nail-biting game of “Truth or Truth,” and you won’t believe what we found out about the Sisters star.

Jimmy asked Amy a simple question: What is her biggest fear? Her response? Wait for it–Jennifer Lopez. Yes, Amy apparently cowers in fear over the bootylicious The Boy Next Door icon. “[My biggest fear is] being mistaken for J.Lo,” she said. “And then being asked to dance and dancing better than J.Lo. And J.Lo being angry. I don’t want J.Lo to be angry at me. That’s my biggest fear.” Us too, Amy. Us too.

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