Dang! Things Come to Serious Blows Between Kat and the 9Mag Guys in the Black Ink Crew Chicago Sneak

"I'm feeling like Phor is a real b---h at this point."

Kat doesn’t take s–t from anybody. In a sneak peek for an all new Black Ink Crew: Chicago things come to major blows between Kat and all the guys on 9Mag.

Kat found out that all the men were talking trash behind her back and she’s not here for it. Kat calls Ryan out for always having issues with her, Van for being her biggest ally and betraying her, and Phor for sitting back while the rest of the guys s–t on her.

Will Kat and Phor be able to be cool after the drama? Has Kat officially had it with the men of 9Mag trying to walk all over her? Find out on an all new Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Monday at 9/8c!

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