Mack Wilds Takes You Behind The Scenes At Miami’s Scope Art Festival

Spend a day with the multi-talented star of VH1's The Breaks.

Couldn’t make it to Miami’s Scope Festival this year? Well prepare yourself for something even better—a day as Mack Wilds’ VIP +1! The multi-talented star of VH1’s upcoming movie The Breaks is also the star of this incredible video revealing his action-packed day, taking you behind the scenes at the international contemporary art event.

Mack starts the day with a soundcheck to prep for his performance. From there, it’s a whirlwind of press interviews and fan greetings, all set in the vibrant sights and sounds of Miami Beach. But it’s not all hard work! Keep an eye out for some hilariously candid moments, including his reaction to everything from the art galleries to The Wiz Live. Find out what a headliner eats before their big set—and, of course, watch a sneak peak from the performance!

And for an added bonus, be sure to check out this clip of Mack impromptu chat with worldwide beats machine, DJ Ross.

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