Biggest Moments of 2015: Mimi Explains What Pulled Her Out of Her Seat to Apologize to Joseline at the Reunion

"I did not plan it. I swear on everything I love, I just, something rose me up of out of my seat and I just did it."

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In an exclusive conversation with VH1, Mimi Faust opened up about the moment she was pulled from her seat to apologize to Joseline at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion on national TV.

When I say Jesus took the wheel, that’s the best way I can put it. I had been trying to let Joseline know this entire time (not in the very beginning, but a year after) that I was over it. I was trying to let her know but she just wasn’t trying to hear what I was saying. She just wasn’t having it.

Joseline and I have been literally going through it the entire four years and some change, and she was just the worst ever in that situation. I felt like, look you have him, you got that, but we have to get along because I have a daughter that has to be around you. The dislike that Joseline displayed for me was so incredible and I did not at all feel comfortable having Eva around her. It was really out of my control though because I can’t help who Stevie wants to be with. I couldn’t say, “You can’t see Eva because of Joseline.” It was just crazy.

When this year’s reunion came around, I had a very small window of opportunity, and I just went for it and forgave her. I just went for it. I was tired of the back and forth and I was tired of the drama. I was just tired of it. I didn’t know how I was gonna do it and that’s when Jesus took the wheel. He literally stood me up out of where I was sitting and I just walked down. I didn’t know what I was gonna say when I took the mic but I just spoke from the heart. It was real. I felt like, this is stupid and I am an adult. I am a grown woman and I know Joseline is considerably younger than me but this has to stop and she wasn’t gonna stop it. I had to be the one to put an end to it. It just happened like that.

It wasn’t a plan. I hadn’t thought about it. I hadn’t plotted out how I was gonna do it or what I was gonna say. I swear to you, because honestly I should have been tackled by like 50 security guards. We were told before the reunion that you do not get out of your seat and you do not approach another cast member. I did not plan it. I swear on everything I love, I just, something rose me up of out of my seat and I just did it.

Afterwards, I just felt relieved. It was a big relief. This was just a relief to me, just a freeing moment for me.

As told to Damian Bellino.