2015’s Biggest Trends Prove We All Might Actually Be Insane

From Tinder to selfie sticks, what the hell were we thinking this year?

The end of the year is an A+ time to examine your life and choices. Annnd if you participated in any of 2015’s biggest trends, then you have some serious explaining to do. Seriously, you–and me and the entire universe–are all insane.

Because 2015 was jam-packed with narcissistic, dangerous and whack trends people actually bought into. From selfie sticks to Tinder and mother-effing hoverboards, this year was rich with opportunity to make yourself look like an a**hole–as VH1 writer/producer Damian Bellino so eloquently says below. Watch this video to painfully relive man buns, septum rings and more of this year’s travesties. Well, except Uber–Uber can stay.