That Darn Dress, “Hotline Bling” + More Social Moments That Drove You Bonkers in 2015


It’s December 2015, and that damn dress is still f–king up my life.

You remember it: the hideous striped monstrosity half the world saw as black and blue–and the other half white and gold. (For the record, it’s blue and black–you’re crazy if you think otherwise.) This Web epidemic is without a doubt one of the most potent social moments of 2015. Like Donald Trump, it divided a nation. It broke up friendships. And families.

But the dress isn’t the only social moment that made a splash in 2015. Do you remember everyone meme-ing Drake’s “Hotline Bling” clip? What about “Why You Always Lying” spilling piping hot truth tea in video form? And Denzel Washington’s fight face? It deserves an Oscar.

Hell, all of these moments do. Relive them (and more) in the video below.