FOX Business Network Thinks Michelle Obama’s Rap Was “Embarrassing” + “Demeaning” Because Racism

-by Michael Arceneaux

When I saw First Lady Michelle Obama rap in her new music video, I thought, “Oh, she’s so cute and corny.” I’m almost certain Michelle Obama owns a copy of Lil’ Kim’s Hardcore and when in trusted company, can likely go bar for bar when “Queen Bitch” comes on. However, because of her husband’s gig, she keeps it PG, thus, this very harmless music video.

Well, harmless to some.

Where I saw a mom doing essentially afterschool special rap, FOX News Business panelists saw a hip hop tyrant peddling a liberal agenda that promotes government dependence among a certain demographic (the Blacks) – defecating on the pristine image of the White House in the process. During the panel that aired last Friday, host Ashley Webster said he found the video “embarrassing.” He went on to complain that, “Some say it’s like renting out the Lincoln Bedroom. It’s a bit demeaning.”

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