These Amazing Celebrity Cameos On The Soup Will Make You Wish The Show Wasn’t Ending


It’s the end of an era, folks.

After 11 years of sardonic pop culture criticism, Joel McHale’s E! series The Soup will close up shop tonight. Sir McHale has been a staple in our living rooms since 2004, saying exactly what we’re thinking about some of TV biggest stars trainwrecks. Like the Home Shopping Network, you’d be lying if you said you haven’t watched an episode of The Soup. It’s the only show that can mention The Simple Life and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in the same breath. Now, only the Internet does that.

The Soup also had its fair share of A+ celebrity cameos. From a beer gut-clad Joe Manganiello to living icon Chevy Chase and literal Martha Stewart, The Soup’s Rolodex of celeb appearances is more impressive than Eminem’s rap game. (Oh! And he also appeared on the show.) Check out 10 of the most memorable cameos in the show’s decade-plus run. Thanks for the laughs and occasional visual orgasms, Joel. You will be surely missed.

  • Joe Manganiello and Kylie Minogue

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    Walking six pack Joe ditched the muscles for a beer gut for his Soup appearance back in 2012. You know you’re a bonafide sex god when you can rock this look and still have Australian pop goddess Kylie want to eat Doritos off your stomach. Some dudes just have all the luck.

  • Haley Joel Osment

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    Parodying Game of Thrones’ ridiculous cock merchant subplot, famed child star Haley appeared on The Soup earlier this year quite literally selling cocks. As in chickens. Cluck cluck chickens. The whole exchange is quite awkward, to be honest. However, penis jokes are always OK in our book–especially coming from legends like Haley Hales.

  • Chevy Chase

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    Leave it to a true ~movie star~ to bring fanciness to The Soup. The National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation king kept things short but sweet when he swung by Joel’s show in 2010, but his raw sexual magnetism is enough to entertain us for hours. Why are you leaving so soon, Chev?

  • Sarah Hyland

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    The Modern Family queen brought her signature sassiness to The Soup in 2010, but we bet she wasn’t expecting the show to be sassy right back. That’s right. Sarah starts scoffing at the show’s low budget–but don’t worry, though, a creepy man in a bikini top scares her straight. Don’t come for The Soup unless it sends for you, girl!

  • Gretchen Rossi

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    Who says The Soup can’t be educational? This Real Housewives of Orange County goddess came on the show in 2013 to spill all the tea to dowdy housewives in Wisconsin about being reality stars. The key? Get angry. A lot. The more you know, right?

  • Eminem

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    All Joel wanted to do was interview Eminem about his then-new album Recovery (2010), but the rapper had other plans. And by plans, we mean having Joel fetch him fast food and fix his DVD player. Wait, when did Joel become Em’s personal assistant? I’m confused.

  • Evan Rachel Wood

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    C’mon Joel, get your facts straight! When you invited Evan Rachel on your show back in 2009, you should’ve known she didn’t play an actual wrestler in The Wrestler. This whole greasy–albeit somewhat arousing–scenario could’ve been avoided…and maybe Rachel wouldn’t have hit Joel with that chair.

  • Gabourey Sidibe

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    Lady Sidibe was on fire in 2009 after Precious. That’s why when she showed up to The Soup demanding an award, we’re surprised Joel didn’t have one for her. Or 100. Doesn’t he know he was in the presence of cinematic royalty? ROYALTY! Joel fumbled through an excuse about how the award was in the “mail,” but we don’t buy it. And neither did Gabby.

  • Patrick Warburton and Ken Jeong

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    The beauty in this moment is the fact three comedy powerhouses are in one spot for two minutes doing what they do best. Plus, is it bad I have a bizarre crush on Patrick, and that’s why I included him on this list? Don’t judge me or hate me.

  • Martha Stewart

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    This list is not complete without shade queen Martha. During her Soup Award acceptance speech, she does what only Martha can do: Insult the host of the show (Joel), snicker and make us want cupcakes. We bow down to her eternally–and we hope she actually did regift that prize.