You Won’t Believe What Messed Up Word This iPhone Autocorrected to “Kardashian”

Apple is so darn shady!

This is just cruel, y’all.

Some Paris Hilton-hexed iPhone has the diabolical capability of autocorrecting the phrase “Lardass” to “Kardashian.” Yes, you read that accurately. In this iPhone’s mind, “Lardass” and “Kardashian” are synonymous. Twins. Two peas in a pod. I don’t care if you love the Kardashians or hate them, that shiz is pretty effed up. Take a look at the Reggie Bush-cursed sorcery in the GIF below, captured by TMZ.


I tried the word on my iPhone and “Kardashian” did not pop up, so my guess is this is a singular experience. This iPhoner is clearly a trolly body-shamer for his/her device to register the two grossly different phrases as one in the same. Either that orrrrrr this is some elaborate trick a group of anti-Kardashian peeps have brewed up.

Listen, body-shaming is never OK–even from a piece of technology. Cut the s–t, Apple. Not even Kim deserves this shade.