Biggest Moments of 2015: Natalie Guercio Talks About Why She Ran Away from Renee’s Baptism Party and Her Exit from Mob Wives

"I left the show with my head held high and I am not going to stand around and have women, who are closer to their 50s and 60s, trying to come at me."

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In an exclusive conversation with VH1, Natalie Guercio opens up about the moment she left Renee Graziano’s baptism party and walked away from a fight with Natalie DiDonato and Mob Wives.

What really happened at Renee’s baptism party was that I invited my friends to go. You have to understand that my fight between Karen and Storm was not a dead issue at that point. It was still very much alive and then this girl [Natalie DiDonato] came in who I never met. I really don’t know her. I’d never seen her in my life. So, Natalie is at the party too and I now know that there are three people there who wanna fight with me. On top of that, I knew all of Renee’s friends were there, and I didn’t want to be jumped in the middle of the restaurant.

So, yes, I invited my friends but my friends were there two hours before I even showed up to film. They were drinking, they had a ball there, and they were talking to everyone at the party. All of a sudden, the moment when I arrived, my friends were asked to leave. I had literally been there for ten minutes. I didn’t want to be jumped and then my friends were kicked out? Nope, we were are all leaving. You’re not gonna kick out my friends and leave them in the middle of Staten Island after they ate, and drank, and signed their release forms.

I wasn’t going to leave them so I did what anyone would have done, I left with my friends. I didn’t want to fight. I am not stupid. I wasn’t born yesterday. I was not born in the streets but I am from the streets so I know how things go down but with this whole Natalie D thing, I never met her. She wasn’t even an issue at that time because I really didn’t care to film with her and I wouldn’t film with her because she wasn’t an official cast member. I am not going to film with just anyone, especially for a lot of things that weren’t true. I couldn’t talk about anything that was being brought up that had to do with my ex-boyfriend because of court issues. That was a topic that I didn’t feel comfortable talking about because of my life at home outside of Mob Wives.

People can say what they want about me, I am who I am. My family is who they are and I don’t come on a TV show telling who my family is. I tell everyone in the world who my family is. The women on the show all know who I am and they knew that I couldn’t say anything about who my family was. They tried to hold that over me but I don’t care cause it didn’t work.

I left the show with my head held high and I am not going to stand around and have women, who are closer to their 50s and 60s, trying to come at me. It felt very high school. I am beyond that in my life.