Ultimate Gift Ideas For The Kardashian-Jenner Fan In Your Life

You might want to keep a few of these for yourself.

Everyone has that one friend who actually does keep up with the Kardashian-Jenner family. If you’re blanking right now on which of your friends it is, it’s probably you, isn’t it?

With Christmas swiftly approaching, the question arises: What will you, the Santa in this situation, give to the hopelessly devoted Kardashian-Jenner fan in your life this holiday season? How about a Dash Doll necklace? A phone case with both of the Jenner girls’ faces on it? This watercolor portrait that actually makes Kim look stunning when she’s crying?

Take your pick or, if you’re that friend who keeps up with America’s most important family, gift yourself with one of these novelty Kardashian-Jenner-inspired items this year.

  • 1 A watercolor portrait of Kim Kardashian crying
    Etsy, $13.91+

    Frame this for your bestie so he/she can hang it above the fireplace. You can both stare at it from the couch while sipping on some boozy hot chocolate.

  • 2 A CaKe Tour tee
    Etsy, $13.99+

    The ultimate #SquadGoals t-shirt.

  • 3 Kardashian-Jenner nail decals
    Etsy, $7

    You can literally take them with you wherever you go!

  • 4 In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites
    Amazon, $19.49

    Who doesn’t want to be in the kitchen with Kris / in her general presence?

  • 5 A Kylie Jenner prayer candle
    Etsy, $14

    Light this up before you go to bed and say a little prayer for (or to) your fave. God bless.

  • 6 A pair of Arthur George socks
    Arthur George
    Arthur George, $15

    Maybe if Rob sells enough of them, he’ll come back out of hiding.

  • 7 A Dash beach towel
    Dash, $64

    Your bestie needs this. Actually, you need this.

  • 8 A Kendall & Kylie phone case
    Etsy, $19.47

    For iPhone AND Samsung, people. What a steal!

  • 9 A tee from Tyga’s Last Kings clothing line
    Last Kings
    Last Kings, $29.99

    Did you even know that Tyga had a clothing line? Your Kylie-obsessed friend did!

  • 10 A Dash Doll necklace
    Dash, $98

    I’d take this instead over an engagement ring, to be honest.

  • 11 A Call Me Caitlyn necklace
    Etsy, $20

    There’s nothing like the gift of jewelry. Tell that special someone you love him/her with this Caitlyn Jenner necklace.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.