WATT? Why Is Miss Nikki Baby Beefing with Zero from Holes?

"She's like a well put together IKEA bedroom set."

Beef, it’s always poppin’. Miss Nikki Baby is going at it with actor-rapper Khleo Thomas (that’s Zero from Holes, y’all!) on social media, and it’s not pretty.

Unprovoked Khleo posted a collage of Nikki on his Instagram and described her as “a well put together IKEA bedroom set.”
He wrote, “Ive never watched one episode of any love and whatever city show, EVER. So I’m just now seeing #nikkimudarris…that is the most put together Hair, Make up, contour, extensions, implants, fat transfer, waist training, sew in, lashes on flamingo, eye brows on where’s the flaw, her glam squad competing with KIM, prolly got ribs removed, woman….I have ever seen…..I don’t get it…not knocking her. She’s like a well put together IKEA bedroom set. Like not one screw is missing…so it all just looks nice.”

In an interview with The Shade Room, Nikki was asked about Khleo’s comments and she said, “Khleo your career has not been on since…Holes?”

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