These Hilarious + Ugly Pop Culture Christmas Sweaters Are All You Need This Season

"Miley, what's good?"

The ugly Christmas sweater just got 10 times better.

Pop culture had so many shining moments this year. There was the time that everyone agreed that Netflix and chill means “sex,” that moment that Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus at the VMAs and, of course, the blessed few minutes of Drake dad-dancing through “Hotline Bling” like no dad has ever done before. And he’s not even a dad.

These moments made news and therefore your timelines all year long. Why forget them when you can wear them on sweaters this coming Christmas? “But where,” you ask, “do I find a sweater referencing one of the many offensive things Donald Trump has said?”

Right here, queens. Right here. Peep the gallery for hilarious and ugly pop culture sweaters you should cop in time for Christmas 2015.

  • 1 Fetty Wap
    ? Santa, won’t you come my waaaaay with some toys so I can plaaaaay? ?

    Via Fetty Wap Online Store

  • 2 Bernie Sanders
    Feel the Bern on your skin while you lounge by the fireplace this holiday season.

    Via Fun Sports Gear

  • 3 Donald Trump
    Break the ice at the Christmas table dinner with this controversial conversation starter. Be kind, guys.

    Via Amazon

  • 4 Netflix & Chill
    Take Netflix and chill to the next level by wearing matching sweaters with bae and trying out these prime Netflix and chill sex positions.

    Via Etsy

  • 5 Destiny’s Child
    Sleigh my name and S-L-A-Y THIS SWEATER!

    Via Etsy

  • 6 Game of Thrones
    Winter is coming. Like, actually. It’s almost here, so get a sweater before you freeze to death.

    Via Etsy

  • 7 Drake
    The only thing that would make this sweater better would be if it were a turtleneck.

    Via Etsy

  • 8 Beyonce
    As worn by Bey in her “7/11” music video.

    Via Spring

  • 9 Kim Kardashian
    It’s too late to break the Internet, but breaking the Winternet? That hasn’t been done before.

    Via Etsy

  • 10 Justin Bieber
    Where are Ü now that I need you, Santa? Like, serously, where the f are Ü?

    Via Etsy

  • 11 Nicki Minaj
    The #ChristmasClapback is so real.

    Via Etsy

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.