If You’re Not in These Sex Positions for #NetflixAndChill, You’re Doing it All Wrong

The key? Both pairs of eyes need a clear view of the TV.

Let’s call a spade a spade: “Netflix and chill” means “Netflix and sex.” In today’s awkward world where we’re petrified to speak to each other, we now disguise our thirst with this cute little phrase. Gone are the days when you just called someone and asked point-blank for sexual healing. You now must entice your partner with visions of Orange Is the New Black and snack-treats.

But if you do manage to get bae over for Netflix and nookie, who says you have to stop watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to fornicate? We at VH1 believe in multitasking and think Netflix-and-chillers have the ability to keep binge-watching as they work toward that orgasm. You just have to know what sex positions to employ.


As you and your partner start your engines, make sure y’all can still see the tube–whether that means doggy-style with both parties directly facing the screen or chair cowgirl with heads turned to the side. The only exception to the rule is if only one person is interested in the small screen. In that case, we recommend cowgirl with one partner completely on his/her back. It lets the top bb have complete screen viewing while still getting his/her freak on. See the first position on this graphic for a visual.The possibilities are endless. If you’re overwhelmed, give the eight positions above a spin.

Well, what are you waiting for? Happy humping (and watching)!

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