Not Feeling It: Phor Takes To Instagram To Tell Kat About Herself

Why talk it out when you can type it out?

In the upcoming Black Ink Crew: Chicago where Kat comes at Phor for not having her back with all of the claims of “disloyalty” for wanting to expand her personal brand.

Well, Phor felt ways, and like most people, he took to Instagram to let everyone know HIS side of the story.
In his post, he wrote,

“It’s 2 sides to every story and me n @kattatgirl have our up n downs but u can’t come at me about having your back WHEN you came in the shop yelling at everyone including ME it wasn’t a situation where I feel I needed to have your back when u came in DISRESPECTING. Everyone wasn’t like I was excluded. GO TO for a sneak peek of the convo about between me n KAT after the altercation #blackinkcrewchicago #9mag #vh1 every action has a reaction everyone has an opinion rather good or bad Shrugs”

Kat did take it sitting down though and hopped in Phor’s comments real quick,

Then it started, and kept going.


Do you think Phor should’ve had Kat’s back or is she feeling a way for no reason?

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