The Most Epic Holiday-Themed Disney Channel Episodes Ever

And you know that Lizzie McGuire/Aaron Carter masterpiece makes the list.

Old school Disney Channel is perfection, but old school Disney Channel around the holidays? That’s even more perfect. Over the past decade, DC has created some pretty fantastic holiday-themed episodes for its shows that stand the test of time. And by stand the test of time, we mean make us thirst after Aaron Carter 14 years after he appeared on Lizzie McGuire. You’re all thinking it.

We combed through every holiday-themed episode Disney has #blessed us with and picked the 10 jolliest offerings. Many of your faves make the list: Lizzie McGuire! Even Stevens! The Proud Family! Take a twinkly-lit walk down memory lane with us, and let us know your top picks in the comments below.

  • 1 10. Phil of the Future, “Christmas Break” (2005)
    Disney Channel
    Phil is one of DC’s most underrated shows, so it makes sense the show’s Christmas episode is just as under-the-radar. The bomb-ass special features the Diffys and Keely enjoying Yuletide shenanigans, but the fam also drops a secret: They previously visited the 21st century on Christmas. Whaaat?!

  • 2 9. Kim Possible, “A Very Possible Christmas” (2003)
    Disney Channel
    Holiday cheer and the epic crime-fighting of Kim and sidekick maestro Ron Stoppable? It doesn’t get better than that, really.

  • 3 8. Sonny with a Chance, “A So Random! Holiday Special” (2010)
    Disney Channel
    This holiday-tinged special is chock-full of hilarious sketches. But the best part? Joe Jonas. Fingers crossed he is under my tree this year.

  • 4 7. Shake It Up, “Merry Merry It Up” (2012)
    Disney Channel
    Here’s the dish: Rocky (Zendaya) becomes the Ghost of Christmas Dance and guides gal pal CeCe through her relationship f–ck-ups. ZENDAYA. AS. A. GHOST.

  • 5 6. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, “Christmas at the Tipton” (2005)
    Disney Channel
    Your favorite twins are cuter at Christmastime, hence why this special is so prime. Heck–a woman gives birth on an elevator in this episode. What more do you need in your holiday entertainment, really?

  • 6 5. Hannah Montana, “Killing Me Softly With His Height” (2008)
    Disney Channel
    We’ve all been there before. You meet a boy, agree to go on a date with him but–whoops–he’s shorter than you. What…that’s never happened to you before? Just Hannah Montana? Well, at least she looks cute in that Rudolph costume, right?

  • 7 4. Even Stevens, “Heck of a Hanukkah” (2000)
    Disney Channel
    Louis Stevens and a dreidel? Our definition of perfection.

  • 8 3. That’s So Raven, “Escape Claus” (2003)
    Disney Channel
    Oh, Raven! This is what happens when you open your Christmas present early and break it! C’mon. Didn’t you have a vision of this, bb?

  • 9 2. The Proud Family, “Seven Days Of Kwanzaa” (2001)
    Disney Channel
    Awww, this episode delivers copious feels. When the Prouds invite a needy family down on their luck for Christmas dinner, they gladly accept. But here’s the catch: Said family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but Kwanzaa. And the result? The Prouds and their guests learn about the holiday and have an epic time. Still waiting on our invite…14 years later.

  • 10 1. Lizzie McGuire, “Aaron Carter’s Coming to Town” (2001)
    Disney Channel
    Admit it: You secretly hoped every December Aaron would show up on your doorstep and kiss you. With this special, Lizzie succeeded again in giving us all #PreteenGoals. I wouldn’t refuse a kiss from 2015 Aaron, to be honest…