Ridiculous 2015 Celebrity Superlatives You Know Are True

Spirited Stoner, Prettiest Procrastinator, Most Unlikely Sex God--we covered all the bases.

By Chris Rosa and Alexa Tietjen

Pop culture is not that different than high school. You have your popular kids (Adele), queen bees (Taylor Swift), hot jocks (Michael B. Jordan) and rebels (Miley Cyrus). That’s why it was relatively easy coming up with superlatives for 2015’s biggest celebrities. Many of your favorite A-listers played their hallway roles to the T this year, and it was fun watching them mingle.

But it’s not good enough giving prizes like Most Athletic and Best All Around to this year’s biggest stars. We at VH1 like to keep things interesting, so we crafted specific superlatives and awarded them to the most-deserving baes. Trust us–it was difficult deciding who to crown Most Unlikely Sex God, but we finally decided on your low-key crush Justin Bieber.

And that’s just one of 10 awards we divvied out. Take a look at the celebrity class of 2015, and give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Get dish on the Drake/Meek feud + more big 2015 beefs in the video below.