The Breaks Star Evan Handler Speaks On Telling A New Kind Of Hip Hop Story

VH1’s upcoming movie The Breaks depicts pop music’s seismic shift away from the guitar-oriented rock groups to the hip hop sound that dominates charts and hearts to this very day. No character illustrates the industry old guard better than Jonah “Juggy” Aaron, a manager whose influence is fading fast. Though not intimately familiar with rap culture, Juggy senses that there are significant business opportunities associated with this new kind of music—and he sets out to get himself a piece of the action.

Actor Evan Handler brings a keen understanding to the role. He knows that music history is filled with stories of artists being taken advantage of by unscrupulous managers, swindling naive artists out of their song rights. “This, to me, is a terrific bringing forth of those themes, but applied to a music form where maybe we haven’t heard that story told about before.”

Watch an interview clip with The Breaks star below, and be sure to check out the world premiere on January 4th at 9 PM.

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