I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Kat Quits 9Mag

"I have a goal and I am going to accomplish it by any means necessary...I'm just gonna take my feelings out of it and, you know, just be as heartless as they are."

On Monday night’s episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago, the tension in the 9Mag tattoo shop came to a head when Kat decided to leave 9Mag and get her own private studio. From Kat’s individual photo shoot with Urban Ink Magazine to the tattoo convention in New York, the gap and distance between Kat and 9Mag has continued to only get deeper and wider.

Claiming that she was “not in the head-space to tattoo in this environment”, Kat justified her decision to leave 9Mag because of arguments with Ryan and that she was ready to take the next steps in her career. Is Kat’s choice to leave 9Mag considered disloyal? Take a look back at a few moments from earlier in the season:

  • Kat’s Sexy Photo Shoot – The resentment in the shop began when Urban Ink Magazine photographed Kat and the guys were simply used as man-props.

  • Kat Talks To Her Mom – When Kat picks up her mom from the airport she gives her the details about how Ryan has been acting lately.

  • The 9Mag Crew Is Shocked By Kat’s Tattoo Booth – When the 9Mag crew sees that Kat’s tattoo booth is only promoting “Kat Tat”, they begin to question her loyalty.

  • Is Kat Moving On From 9 Mag? – While in New York Ryan confronts Kat about attending tattoo conventions on her own.

  • Things Get Heated Between Kat and The Guys – Kat gets into an argument with the boys over her recent choices.

  • Kat Vents To Her Family – Kat talks to her brothers and her father about her friends and what’s been going on at the shop.

Was there a better way for Kat to handle this situation? Is the 9Mag crew overreacting to Kat’s choice to grow her career? Rewatch the scenes above and share your thoughts/comments below!