How Are Miguel, Tori Kelly, Elle King + Mel B Spending Their Holiday? Watch These Big Music In 2015 Stars Share Their Christmas Memories!

Find out who once gave a box of cereal as a Christmas gift...

The family, the presents, the lights, the food—the holiday season has provided some of our most cherished memories. And it looks like we’re not alone! The Big In 2015 You Oughta Know class has some pretty stellar recollections from this festive time of year. Whether you’re a rich and famous music or just a dude with a laptop, each December we’re united by this feeling of togetherness. And also by stress-eating our weight in gingerbread as we do battle at our local mall. IT’S TRADITION, Y’ALL!

What’s the best gift that Tori Kelly has ever received? Who’s the hardest person for Miguel to shop for? Who thought it was a good idea to give a box of cereal as a present? Check out the video below to find out.

And to all of your loved ones, have a beautiful holiday!

VH1 Music Editor + Seltzer Enthusiast