“Monday Through Wednesday You Want Your Family Back”: Miles and Amber’s Beef Is Still Poppin’ on Instagram

"Thursday through Sunday it's Gay Pride."

Even though Love & Hip Hop Hollywood ended, Miles and Amber still have unsettled business. In a series of back and forth Instagram posts, the former lovers made allegations about the nature of their relationship and ish got real.

It first started after Amber posted a meme saying “When you think you can stop him from being gay,” Miles left a comment on Amber’s post suggestion that wasn’t what she was saying the other night. Amber admitted that she was in her feelings about their situation.

Then Miles took to Instagram to tell Amber not to act mad over social media. He then claims they spent the night together two weeks ago. Amber says it was just for him to see “their” daughter. Claiming that “Monday through Wednesday you want your family back [but] Thursday through Sunday it’s Gay Pride.”

Then Miles clapped back with his receipts, text messages between he and Amber alluding to what was really going down between them when they met up.

Then Amber clarified that it’s not all what it seems. That she’s happily in a relationship now and she hasn’t been intimate with Miles in over two years.

Lort! What is real and what is nottttt? Are these two back together? Who’s side do you believe?