This Troubled Blogger Says It’s Ungodly For Anna Duggar To Divorce Her Cheating, Abusive Husband

Women of Earth: Ignore. This. Advice.

Anna Duggar raised eyebrows with a comment she made on the latest episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On. Despite her husband Josh’s confirmed infidelity and child sexual abuse scandals, she refuses to divorce him–or even entertain the idea, for that matter. And the reasoning? Christianity–because, ya know, Jesus wants you to stay with someone who molested children and cheated because he’ll ~change.~ Just take a look at what she said on the latest episode of the popular TLC show:

“I pray through all of this that I would be an extension of God’s love to Joshua; that I would love him and forgive him. I will wait patiently and allow God to work in our hearts. My prayer and my heart’s desire is for our marriage to be restored. When you go through difficult times, it can either destroy your life or make you stronger. My purpose and my desire through all of this for each member of my family is that we would turn our hearts to God and find the grace and the help we need and come out stronger.”

To each her/his own, but why is Anna equating divorcing her abusive husband to destroying her life? Her beliefs are deeply rooted in Christianity, of course, but there is something sad about this. If her husband poses some sort of threat to her, she should have the right to leave him–and feel completely guiltless about it.

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