Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian an Obscene Amount of Christmas Presents This Year

And we know every single one of them. (Well, kinda.)

Kanye West is a ridiculous human being. This must be distinctly understood. He swipes microphones from children at awards shows, freaks out at radio DJs over sewing clothes and announces his bid for presidency on television stoned. These are things only ridiculous people do.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that when Kanye does Christmas, he ridiculously does Christmas. And by that, we mean he bought his wife Kim Kardashian a certifiably insane amount of holiday gifts. Seriously, someone–we’re not sure who–needs to be put away in a strait jacket for the number of presents we’re talking about.

150. Kanye West purchased Kim–who literally has so many things she made a selfie book out of boredom–150 presents for Christmas (according to The Huffington Post). You can go put your sad new pair of Santa socks away in an even sadder drawer now.

Seriously, who needs 150 presents? Kim, apparently. Who gives 150 presents? Kanye, apparently. It’s all so obscene we can’t help but stare intently at it like the sun or, ya know, Kim’s butt. Because this is the Internet, what better things do we have to do besides hypothesize what all 150 presents are? Nothing. So, here it goes. (Full disclosure: These are simply the VH1 staff’s guesses, though we’re 98 percent sure this is accurate.)

  • A framed photo of himself stylized as Jesus Christ.

    Rolling Stone

    And on the third day, He rose again.

  • A multimillion-dollar record deal for Kim .


    Remember when she did her song “Jam”?

  • 146 pairs of male Yeezy sneakers.


    Not for wearing, but decorating their house.

  • An extended cut of “Bound 2” no one has ever seen.

    Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    This is what they watched for the rest of the day.

  • A gift card to that restaurant in New Orleans she likes so much.


    And a plane ticket to get there.