Can Kat And Van Put This Drama To Rest? They Finally Talk It Out In This Black Ink Crew Chicago Bonus Clip

"He's really like a brother to me and I don't want to throw our relationship away over one argument."

The relationship between Kat and the guys of 9 Mag have changed dramatically over the course of the season. Since Kat curved Van’s hug and came at him the shop, there has been heavy tension between the two of them. “I saw the hurt in you, but you gotta understand that you hurt me too,” Van tells her as he explains why the rift got as big as it did. The conversation goes a little left, but it’s just a classic tale of “the clash of the egos.” They all have to just agree to disagree and get back to being a family.

Thankfully the convo ended in love and hopefully they all can find a way to work things out and get back to the get back!

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