Van Says His Goodbyes To His 9 Mag Family In This Black Ink Crew Chicago Bonus Clip

"I just finished cleaning out my booth man, it's my last day in the mo---- f----, I'm out."

Just when things were getting back to how they used to be, the family’s forced to say goodbye to one of their beloved brothers. In this bonus clip, it’s time for Van to finally begin serving his sentence and watching him get ready to go is not easy for the rest of 9 Mag. Being forced to spend time away from your family and friends isn’t a good look for anyone but Van made the commendable decision to take accountability for his actions.

Throughout the season, Ryan showed us how much family means to him and has a difficult time with this,seeing as he doesn’t have any blood brothers. Van offers them all encouraging advice and even dropped some gems for some of the others to follow.

It’s only a minor setback for a MAJOR comeback. Keep your head up Van and #BlessUp!

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