“Mimi Wants Some Of This”: Do Ariane And Her Girlfriend Think Mimi Should Experiment With Them?

It would still be healthier than her relationship with Nikko.

This week the world was introduced to Ariane’s girlfriend DJ Toni K on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. In this new bonus clip, the couple discuss their move-in and future together. When the topic of Mimi comes up, Ariane is quick to bring up all the drama in Mimi’s life.

“I promise you every time I’ve seen her recently — every conversation we’ve had has been some kind of draaaaaamaaaa,” Ariane tells Toni, adding that most of the drama has to do with Nikko. “I wanna slap the s—t outta him,” Toni replies. She’s only been on the show one episode, and we’re already on board with Ms. Toni! But wait, did Toni just say Mimi wants “some of this”??? Honestly, if Mimi got with Ariane and Toni, that threesome would be her most functional relationship so far.

We know that Ariane has Mimi’s best interest at heart, but we’re not too sure how much Mimi would appreciate her talking about her business like that. We’ll just have to stay tuned to see how it all goes down!

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