These Are Without a Doubt the Biggest, Most Successful Comebacks of 2015


When you think of 2015 comebacks, who (or what) comes to mind? Janet Jackson’s amazing world tour? Justin Bieber’s bomb-ass new album? Jurassic Park? Star Wars?

Well, you’re wrong. You’re so wrong it’s not even funny–because these comebacks look like straight-up flops compared to the true heroes and heroines of 2015. You know what we’re talking about: Jem and the Holograms slaying the box office in two weeks flat; Ludacris coming for all the Emmy glory on Empire; and MADONNA. KISSING. DRAKE.

We’re literally blinded by the amount of shine these celebrities and movies received this year–and rightfully so. When something is hot, you just know it. Check out our picks for the biggest, most successful and iconic comebacks of 2015. And of course the hella profitable Entourage makes the list. Let us know what you think about these glowing stars in the comments below.