Birds Are Outta The Cage: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap, Episode 406

Margeaux, Momma Dee, and Ashley Nicole were on the loose on tonight's episode.

Tonight on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Momma Dee brought her family together to deal with the readdition of Ernest. Meanwhile Stevie came home from rehab and Mimi and Margeaux were finally under the same roof.

Need a refresher? Check out our handy recap for the most ridiculous, hilarious, and dramatic moments from episode 406 now!

  • When you’ve got haters on your right and left.

    Momma Dee brings her family together to discuss her reunion with Ernest.

  • Scrappy’s like, “Mom, you’re doing too much.”

    But supports her and Ernest and said no one’s gonna put paws on anyone.

  • When you want everyone to be on your side but you wear this shirt.


  • Meanwhile Dawn has set up a fashion show for PreMadonna. #TeamMiami?

    Jessica Dime is walking in it and messy a– Dawn invited both Mimi and Nikko.

  • This is Stevie’s sobriety counselor Mrs. Robin.

    She tried it.

  • “Boosh, I’m on my way”

    Steve’s a free man and moves to outpatient treatment.

  • Margeaux’s like, “Nik, I’m not a *bird* in a cage.”

    There are a lot of birds. Not sure if Margeaux’s one though.

  • Ashley Nicole gives us a taste of her talent. (yah or nah?)

    Kirk is sending her on a mini-tour which he’s sure will irritate his wife.

  • Joseline has eye rolls for days for Tony’s business ventures

    Kalenna seeks advice from the Puerto Rican Princess about Tony’s new business partner. Joseline’s not feeling it.


    Joseline and Stevie are reunited after his stint in rehab.

  • Appropriately, they jump right into a photoshoot.

    See their cover for Regime Magazine here!

  • Rasheeda’s like not that into Ashley, tbh.

  • TF? Momma Dee’s popcorn is literally exploding.

    Like, we don’t think that’s okay.

  • Momma Dee is the Olivia Pope of the Love & Hip Hop world.

    She loves her red wine, popcorn, and men with baggage.

  • Everyone’s face when it comes to Rasheeda and Kirk’s marital problems.

    Erica and Miss Shirlene are all, here we go again.

  • Joseline steps up to the plate.

    And supports her husband at his custody hearing in New York. (P.S. Pretty sure that’s Stevie’s oldest son Angel in the background?)

  • Mimi requested this THOT to use their vape for dramatic effect.

    JK but she and Nikko and Margeaux are all at “Pre’s” show together.

  • Mimi’s pretty into the waist trainers.

    Not so into Dawn inviting Nikko.

  • This is Jessica’s butt. #TeamMiami?

    I mean.

  • The face you make when he claims you and they pull a *cough*

    Margeaux’s not here for it.

What do you think is going to go down between Nikko’s wife and his ex? Will Margeaux reveal the truth or will Mimi be able to talk herself out of this one? Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Monday at 8/7c.