Ariana Grande’s Moonlight Album to Include Songs About Big Sean and a Justin Bieber Feature

Get ready for some breakup ballads.

Ariana Grande caused a ruckus on the internet this past weekend when she dropped details about her forthcoming third album, Moonlight. The Gossip Table is reporting further details on the highly anticipated LP, saying that it will include a Justin Bieber feature, as well as songs about Big Sean.

Ari and Big Sean broke up in late April, and if you’re like me, you’re still not over it. It’s no shock that Ari’s album might include some songs about their relationship, and it’s perhaps equally unsurprising that the Biebs is featured on the album. Justin and Ariana are good friends, and have been performing together during her Honeymoon tour.

Are we excited for Ari’s junior album? Find out more about it with The Gossip Table in the clip.

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