People Are Seriously Suggesting Bill Cosby Was Too Old to Assault Someone in 2004

Everyone needs to GTFO.

There is currently a warrant out for Bill Cosby’s arrest regarding a 2004 assault of a former Temple employee named Andrea Constand that took place at his Elkins Park, Pennsylvania home, reports. According to Montgomery County District Attorney-Elect Kevin Steele, Bill “made two sexual advances at [Andrea] that were rejected” and he “urged her to take pills and to drink wine, the effect of which left her unable to [rebuff his advances].” Bill previously asserted the activity between him and Andrea was consensual, but Andrea claims she was in a relationship with a woman at the time and Bill missed cues she was a lesbian.

This story is currently sweeping the Internet with lots of commentary–many see the eerie similarities between this case and the dozens of other women who have accused Bill of assault. But some people are actually suggesting Bill was too old to commit this specific crime. (Bill was around 68 in 2004.) Just take a look at what rapper Lil Duval tweeted after news broke.

And he’s not the only one. Check out a few more people citing Bill’s age as reason to leave him alone.


Are these people serious right now? Age has nothing to do with whether or not someone can assault another human. It’s quite disgusting people are looking for scapegoats to discredit this woman’s story and trauma. There have been unfortunate cases of very young kids committing assault, and elderly citizens can do the same. Putting an age on how capable one is of assault is not only stupid, it’s downright harmful.

Especially when you think about the STD rate in nursing homes. The CDC released stats stating 2,500 people between the ages of 45 and 64 contracted syphilis in 2010. And get this: 19,000 people in the study’s elderly age group had chlamydia. Per a CBS article, 80 percent of 50- to 90-year-olds engage in sexual activity. The bottom line? Mr. Cosby was 100 percent capable of assaulting someone at 68 years old.

So, seriously, Internet, STFU. Stop making up excuses for this criminal. Age really is just a number.