I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Every Tattoo Session From Black Ink Crew Chicago

The pain may be temporary but the ink lasts forever.

On the season finale of Black Ink Crew Chicago, the 9 Mag crew hosted a tattoo charity event at the shop in order to raise awareness and prevent gun violence in Chicago. During the tattoo sessions, clients shared their personal stories and the meaning behind their chosen tattoo. Throughout the season we have watched the tattoo artists bond with their clients over their art.

This season we have watched Ryan tattoo his father, Kat tattoo herself, Don earn the 9 Mag tattoo, and Phor and Van create some beautiful pieces. Check out every tattoo that was featured on the premiere season of Black Ink Crew Chicago!

  1. Koi Fish Tattoo

  2. Women Biting Bullet Tattoo

  3. Rose Tattoo

  4. Blood Of A Slave, Heart Of A King Tattoo

  5. Vintage Burlesque Girl Tattoo

  6. Japanese Koi Dragon Tattoo

  7. 9 Mag Tattoo

  8. Scripture Proverb Tattoo

  9. Snake Tattoo

  10. Past + Future Tattoo

  11. Egyptian Queen Tattoo

  12. Old Timepiece Tattoo

  13. Purple + Red Roses Tattoo

  14. Grandfather Tattoo

  15. Phoenix Tattoo

  16. Blue Eagle Feather Tattoo

  17. Medusa Tattoo

What was your favorite tattoo from the season? Who is your favorite 9 Mag tattoo artist? Share your thoughts/comments below!