Is Cisco Making A Move on MariahLynn In This Love & Hip Hop Sneak?

"I feel like we just connected on a much deeper level."

Last season on Love & Hip Hop, Rich Dollaz moved in on Diamond Strawberry after his boy Cisco Rosado dumped her. This season, Cisco might be getting his revenge on Rich with MariahLynn. We’ve seen Mariah canoodle with Rich, but in this week’s episode, she and Cisco really seem to be hitting it off. When Cardi B sets them up for a studio session, it seems like they have quite a bit in common. “I’m excited to collaborate on some new music,” Cisco starts off. “And, who knows, maybe we can collaborate on some other things, too.” Therrrre it is. Is this going to divide the Creep Squad, or do these men just pass the ladies around like hors-d’oeuvres?