“If A Girl Have Beef With Me, She Gon’ Have Beef With Me…Foreva!” The Cast of Love & Hip Hop Take A Look Back In This Week’s Check Yourself

"That's right Lex, curse his a-- out cause if that was your man, I would've cursed his a-- out too!"

It’s already known that Sexxy Lexxy and Miss Moe Money have each others backs the ride or die way, but not everyone is feeling “Tatatalicious.” In this Check Yourself clip, MariahLynn doesn’t hesitate to keep taking jabs at BBOD… mainly Moe. Obviously Cisco is the common denominator, but what was supposed to be a successful event for the ladies quickly went left when MariahLynn’s presence with Moe’s new boo shut down the good vibes quickly.

Cardi B looks back at her little convo where she had to check Self for the shenanigans he tried to pull at MariahLynn’s birthday party (and by the way, her milly rock is sturdy). Of course, Self tried to talk his way out of it but have you met Cardi? An apology alone won’t cut it. Try a Celine, maybe?

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