Miserable Twitter Is About to Make #BackToWork Day a National Holiday

And all the coffee in the world can't help us.

You are not alone.

If you’re experiencing severe fatigue and/or the stages of grief and/or inexplicable anger today, January 4, 2016, we know why. You were just taking shots of spiked eggnog, eating gluttonous amounts and sleeping until 2 pm with no repercussions for two weeks straight, and now you’re suddenly at your desk, attempting to get passed the first line of the first email you’ve read over and over, but failing to comprehend a single word. 2016 hurts. But we, your fellow miserable Americans, are right there with you because misery-and Twitter-love company.

#BackToWork is taking over our feeds this Monday morning and it proves we are truly welcoming the new year with open arms. Keep it up, Twittersphere, and maybe we’ll make this day (that we should all have off forever) legit.

Here’s how being part of the movement feels:

Happy Monday, y’all!

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.