“I’m Shutting Motherf—ers Down”: The Original Mob Wives Go to War in the Latest Teaser for the Final Season

"What's done is done..."

“It feels good to have the group back together, in a good place,” Drita says of her friends but how long can the peace last?

In a new extended trailer for the final season of Mob Wives all bets are off for this group to be all honky dory for long. Lee doesn’t want Drita to write a book, Ang’s cancer (and marital issues with Neil) return, and Carla is back and pals with former frienemies Karen and Renee. Meanwhile new girls Brittany and Marissa prove that they can be hot heads too. Oof. Is the inner circle going to explode?

Who do you think, as Renee says, will get whacked? Find out when Mob Wives returns for its sixth and final season, Wednesday, January 13 at 9/8c!