Did Anyone Else Think Kim Kardashian’s Fat Joke About Rob on KUWTK Was Messed Up?

I'm not laughing.

Rob Kardashian is going through a tough time. We all know this. The 28-year-old is MIA on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, battling both depression and a 100-pound weight gain. Last week, he was diagnosed with diabetes after an emergency trip to the hospital. Rob’s family is supportive of him, posting messages on social media about getting the troubled star back on track. But a fat joke sister Kim made about Rob on last night’s KUWTK episode leaves us with a disgusting taste in our mouths.

While vacationing in St. Barths, Kim quipped a tattoo Rob got a few years back to cover his Adrienne Bailon ink is now distorted because of his extreme weight gain. “[Rob] covered it with a life-sized Barbie doll of Rita that has now turned into a Cabbage Patch doll,” she said, laughing.

Damn. Did anyone else think this was messed up? Kim didn’t mean any harm by this, but it came out très, très mean. This is the type of thing Rob is probably hard on himself about. He doesn’t need any extra shade-throwing–especially from a sibling.

Kim has always been hard on Rob. It’s one thing to give him the tough-love treatment; it’s quite another to flat-out mock his weight problems on national television. And the timing couldn’t be more insensitive with Rob’s recent diabetes diagnosis. E! should’ve edited this crass joke out of the episode, and Kim owed Rob a major apology.

Don’t get it twisted, though. Kim is a great sister. She even tweeted over the summer she was working out with Rob. But this was just too far. Rob needs nothing but positivity right now, and a joke like this could easily send someone in a depression further down the hole. Next time, Lady Kim, think before you speak.

Do you think Kim’s joke was in poor taste? Sound off in the comments below.