Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: “I’m Gon’ Hit His Ass Up And I’m Gon’ Let Him Feel It.”

Rasheeda wants revenge for all of Kirk's wrongdoings.

Erica, Rasheeda and Miss Shirleen all got together this week to conspire to sell off all of Kirk’s most precious belongings (i.e. the Rolies, the gold chains, and the dirt bikes) to make the money he’s been spending back. In this week’s Check Yourself, Rasheeda explains that she’s been able to forgive Kirk for all of his past transgressions, but after the latest disrespect from his artist, Ashley Nicole, she’s about to hit him where it hurts. “I’m gon’ hit him hard. I’m gon’ hit his ass up and I’m gon’ let him feel it. And he’s gonna have to feel it just like the apartment and the other stuff. Like, I’m feeling what you doing, so you about to feel what I’m doing,” she explains. Meanwhile, her co-conspirator Erica explains that she just wants a front seat to the drama.